My name is Carl-Oscar Lönn and I am 21 years old.

I originated from Trollhättan where my parents currently live.
My brother also lives there who is very dear to me.

I started playing very early with PlayStation being my first console and playing worms (Hallelujah). Growing up I got interested in Warhammer figures but then got converted in to being a Magic the Gathering geek. In the later parts of my life nature has been very important to me. Just taking a walk in the forest or taking my bike out on adventures.

After elementary school I didn't know what I would like to work with and there is where my interest for gaming took it's stab. I chose to go to a game-oriented high school, what I noticed was that it wasn't playing games all day. But to my surprise I found something else, programming. After my new found love I went to Falun to educate myself further in game development.